What is a Prepper

Preppers are survivalists

Preppers come in many varieties.

There are the paranoid preppers who are the subject of TV shows such as “Doomsday Preppers“. These are not your average prepper. Anyone who has any kind of survival strategy for weathering severe storms to TEOFTWAWKI (The end of the world as we know it) are preppers. Preppers are ready for emergencies. They have some idea what they should be doing and a plan of action for how to do it. Although they may not have stockpiles of supplies they do have the essentials for at least surviving a 3-5 day emergency. These folks are the preppers that this blog is dedicated to helping.

preppers pyramid

The Preppers Pyramid

The bottom level of the pyramid are our base needs. Not satisfying them will either kill, get us killed or reduce us to animals. This is the 3-5 day natural disaster scenario. Preppers will meet most of these needs with some planning and stockpiling of simple goods.

  • Food is essential after several days to be productive and accomplish our other goals. Life is possible without food for several weeks but we don’t want to go there. Preppers have things to do. Food will provide us the energy to accomplish our next steps.
  • Shelter is essential for maintaining homeostasis. We need to keep our bodies in a state where they can survive. Shelter gives us a home base and provides protection against the elements. It allows us a place for storage and can be easily defended. Preppers will prepare a plan for shelter
  • Water is essential for life. Three days without and we are dead. Clean drinking water will be in short supply so a stockpile is recommended. A gallon a day per person will meet your immediate needs. Preppers will have a plan for longer periods.
  • Sanitation is essential for health. We cannot live in our waste. Preppers a plan for disposal of waste.
  • Medical is essential for emergencies. Accidents happen and we need the supplies and knowledge of how to deal with them. Preppers will have a simple first aid kit will get you past the immediate need and we will explore better options later in the book.
  • Security is essential to protect your life and property. Anarchy reigns in disasters and preppers will be prepared. There is no law enforcement and looting and other crimes are prevalent.

The next tier on the pyramid applies to longer emergencies from 1-3 weeks. In the case of a localized disaster you will probably receive help or at least communication after 3 days. Larger disasters will disable communications and you are on your own. In this case survival is best accomplished by forming a tribe and sharing resources and protection. Think about your neighborhood.  A community will make everything easier from protecting property to obtaining resources. Community encourages specialization allowing skilled people to perform their skill for the benefit of the community. This is also the phase where some knowledge becomes important. Reference materials are essential for preppers to handle problems that they are unable to plan or prepare for.

After community is established sustainability needs to be established. This simply means that we can at least keep surviving in some form without reinventing the wheel every day. This would apply to  TEOTWAWKI scenarios where we are reinventing society. This is where community and knowledge will meet.